Facial rejuvenation at home after 40 - 45 years

It is recommended to apply for the help of cosmetic procedures for facial rejuvenation after 40 years. At this age, metabolic processes in the tissues of the skin slow down, its elasticity decreases, the first age spots and wrinkles appear. Peeling courses, hardware and injection procedures help to delay the obvious signs of aging for a long time.

Face rejuvenation after 40 years

Skin care should be competent and regular. Natural freshness is maintained by daily moisturizing and nutrition at home, periodic cleansing and beauty masks. With age, daily care becomes insufficient: recovery processes, as well as the synthesis of elastin and collagen fibers in the deep layers of the dermis, slow down, which is immediately reflected on the face:

  • turgor decreases;
  • peeling, spider veins appear;
  • wrinkles appear around the eyes and mouth;
  • the complexion becomes dull, the cheeks sink, an oval floats.
Woman using anti-aging facial treatments

Rejuvenating facial treatments after 40 years are aimed at eliminating the changes that have already occurred and stimulating the natural renewal of tissues. For this purpose, surface, hardware and injection techniques are used. Their essence lies in deep cleansing of the integument from dead cells, saturation with useful substances: amino acids, vitamins, minerals. The effect is on all layers of the skin, fiber and adjacent muscle fibers.

Acid peeling

Removing its top layer helps to rejuvenate the skin. At home, you can do surface peeling with fruit, salicylic or low-concentration lactic acid. When applied, such funds dissolve the cells of the epidermis, free the skin from sebum and the secretion of the sebaceous glands. As a result, the complexion improves, minor defects disappear.

Medium and deep acid peeling is a controlled chemical burn of the dermis layer. This is a professional traumatic procedure, as a result of which the epidermis is completely renewed. To achieve a visible effect, it takes several days, during which the face retains traces of a burn: it remains reddened and flakes. Then the remnants of the epidermis are exfoliated, the skin becomes even and smooth, its color evens out. It is recommended to carry out the procedure every six months.

Acid peeling procedure


This procedure belongs to injection methods of facial rejuvenation after 40 years. It consists in introducing cocktails of hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamins and other active compounds into the deep layers of the skin. Achieved effect:

  • elimination of deep wrinkles, folds and other pronounced defects;
  • elimination of peeling;
  • improvement of turgor.

The injections are quite painful, causing short-term swelling, redness and itching of the skin. For a lasting result, a course of 2-4 injections is required. After 6-12 months, the treatment is repeated.


Another way to saturate the dermis with hyaluron - a compound that accelerates microcirculation, local metabolic processes and the production of its own collagen. The entry of the substance into the skin cells is provided by a special cold laser or ultra-thin needles. The hyaluronic gel penetrates to a depth of 1. 5–2 mm. The procedure is practically painless.


As a result, the complexion is evened out, age spots, wrinkles disappear, the skin is smoothed and tightened. The effect lasts up to 3–6 months.


The so-called ligature lifting or reinforcement is the implantation of special threads, permanent or absorbable, with silver ions, concentrates of lactic acid, collagen into the skin. Purpose: lifting the contours of the face, removing the double chin, smoothing the bags under the eyes.


It is too early to perform facial rejuvenation procedures such as bio-reinforcement at the age of 40. Usually they are resorted to later: after reaching 50 years of age. The result of the procedure lasts up to 4-6 years.

Laser facelift

Rejuvenation hardware procedures using a laser are considered the most effective for stimulating skin renewal processes and eliminating signs of aging. Among them are:

  • fractional ablation: spot treatment of problem areas;
  • laser resurfacing of the face: the effect of the beam on the superficial and deep structures of the dermis, as a result of which smoothing of irregularities is achieved, regeneration is stimulated;
  • photorejuvenation: lightening age spots, accelerating collagen synthesis by means of a pulsed light flux.
Laser face lifting

The effect is noticeable after just one irradiation session. Laser procedures are the safest, since during their implementation the risk of infection or the development of an allergic reaction is excluded. Soreness and redness of the integument persist for 2-3 days after the session. A repeated course is required in 1. 5–2 years.


Rejuvenation injection technique. It is used as an alternative to biorevitalization or mesotherapy, with intolerance to hyaluronic acid. Its own blood serum is used as a preparation. For one procedure, from the patient is taken from 30 to 100 ml. After separation into fractions, the liquid is injected into the dermis layers to a depth of 3 mm. As a result, there is a natural acceleration of collagen synthesis, intracellular metabolism. The skin is evened out, refreshed and hydrated.

The full course includes from 1 to 5 procedures. After the sessions, there may be a slight swelling of the face, after 1–2 days the condition of the skin improves. The rejuvenation effect lasts up to six months.


Ozone therapy

Another injection rejuvenation technique based on the use of an oxygen cocktail. Three-volume oxygen - ozone, stimulates lymph flow, the work of capillaries, improves cellular respiration, and accelerates regeneration. The result is noticeable after the first session:

  • the face is smoothed, looks fresh and healthy;
  • skin turgor increases;
  • circles and bags under the eyes disappear.
Facial skin rejuvenation session

The ozone therapy procedure can be alternated with plasma lifting or biorevitalization.

Rejuvenating massage

Versatile skin smoothing exercises you can do at home:

  1. Inflate your cheeks and roll the air from left to right and back for 5 minutes. The movement helps to strengthen the muscles of the face.
  2. Slowly pull your lips inward until you can see them and the skin around is not stretched. Hold in this position for 30 seconds, relax and repeat the exercise. In this way, wrinkles around the mouth can be smoothed out.
Rejuvenating facial massage

Facial muscles need to be trained daily. A real cosmetic massage is recommended to be performed by a specialist, otherwise there is a risk of the opposite effect.